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  • of SMS sent by businesses to their customers received responses from them.
  • of customers have more confidence in businesses that have a green tick on their WhatsApp profile.
  • of businesses use email
    as one of their channels
    of communication with
    their customers.
  • of buyers complete their payment transactions because of an easy-to-use checkout page with good design thinking.
  • of global top-tier companies prefer SMS to authenticate their customers while 19% use email.
  • of our customers have
    seen an increase in their
    revenue after using our communication platform.
  • of businesses experience higher customer interaction and engagement after using our relationship platform.
  • of customers prefer receiving SMS notifications for important and critical messages, for example urgent reminders, appointments, sales, promotions, rewards
    and more.
  • of customers read non-work related emails between 8pm-10pm.
    Our communication platform provides you with data analytics to ensure your interaction with customers are most effective.
  • of customers prefer paying online with their credit cards instead of cash.
    Our payment platform offers multichannel payment like Credit Cards, Online Banking (FPX), E-Wallets
    and more.
  • of customers read SMS more than other means of communication channels.
  • higher sales conversion if
    a sales prospect is closed during a chat session instead of re-directing
    them to a website.
  • BOLD. embracing the digital economy.

  • BOLD. embracing the digital economy.

  • BOLD. embracing the digital economy.

  • BOLD. embracing the digital economy.

  • BOLD. embracing the digital economy.

  • BOLD. embracing the digital economy.

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