BOLD. for Authentication
Secure your authentication process with One-Time Passcode delivers
via SMS, QR, App, Email
How it works for you:

Online Transactions

  • Authenticating and/or verifying transactions in real-time supresses frauds. It will also lead to encouragement and instil trust and confidence among stakeholders namely users, businesses and the economy.

Online Registrations / Applications

  • Real-time and dynamic authentication approach is crucial to elevate authenticity and prevent exposure towards unfavourable circumstances that will ruin the relationship between users and businesses.

Digital Login Access

  • Relying on just username and password alone does not provide sufficient assurance in today’s digital engagements.
  • Adding an additional seamless authentication approach will safeguard users’ confidence and trust in the accounts or digital sites which they access.

Delivery Verification

  • Approve and deny delivery experience made efficient and secure in handling accurate deliveries.
  • Real-time verifications between delivery code and the authentication code is matched to determine the rightful deliveries of packages and/or digital services.
sub for Authentication offers the flexibility of

connecting directly either through sub PASS or sub </API>.