BOLD. for Viber Business
Personalised conversation experience with your customers across digital devices worldwide.
How it works for you:


  • Informative, Promotional, Transactional updates

Chat Commerce

  • Promote and sell your products and services to
    customers anytime, anywhere.

Payment Request

  • Send real-time payment request to customers for
    online payments of your products and services.

Client Service

  • Conversational support, Cross-selling, Surveys


  • Images, Video trailers, Audio files

Loyalty Programmes

  • Surveys, Reward vouchers, Feedbacks


  • Second Factor of Authentication (2FA)


  • Real-time conversation handling between teams for work efficiency – Support, Enquiries, Updates and more.
  • Quick, trackable and delivery notification between team conversations.
  • Teams can communicate via Configurable Interactive Chat and/or private chat sessions.
  • Rich-media sharing between team members like files, videos, photos, locations and more.
  • Team moderation controls are available for personalisation.
How customers can engage with you:


  • Make direct purchases and orders at their convenience on their preferred messaging application – anytime, anywhere and on any devices.
  • Make online payments with their preferred online payment options – Credit Cards, Online Banking (FPX) and/or E-Wallets.
  • Receive real-time delivery confirmation and tracking.
  • Redeem real-time rewards with QR code – Discounts, Purchases-with-Purchase (PWP) and more.
  • Place bookings with schedule reminder.
  • Receive personalised promotion notifications.

Configurable Interactive Chat:

  • Initiate instantaneous one-to-one chat on their preferred messaging application.
  • Get result-driven conversation flow – Enquiries, Support, Bookings and more.
  • Receive rich-media like images, videos, locations, contacts and more.


  • Receive real-time and/or scheduled notification on their preferred messaging application.
  • Real-time engagement between customer and business – Surveys, Rewards, Redemptions, Bookings and more.
  • Share rich-media like images, videos, locations, contacts and more.
sub for Viber Business offers the flexibility of

connecting directly either through sub PASS or sub </API>.