The BOLD. gallery of MACROKIOSK is to celebrate and showcase the works of diverse personalities which resonate with the aspiration of MACROKIOSK’s Founders (Dato’ Kenny Goh, Dato’ Henry Goh and Mr. CS Goh) for the need to be bold as we embrace the journey in life.

The Founders’ bold journey in MACROKIOSK – and now a gallery dedicated to their commitment in supporting and engaging with everything bold – is a result of 21 years of entrepreneurship since the founding of MACROKIOSK, an enterprise solutions platform market leader in Asia.

The BOLD. gallery is dedicated to everyone from clienteles and partners to friends and families of MACROKIOSK as well as its multinational community across 13 countries/regions.

The BOLD. gallery opens up collaboration opportunities with personalities across multiple genres – from photographers, artists and creators to athletes, entrepreneurs and trailblazers – with works to inspire and embody the spirit of being bold in life and foster a transformative journey through the narratives of those who create it.

The Founders invite and welcome personalities of all genres to explore and collaborate with us by featuring inspiring, bold works in our BOLD. gallery.