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Levelling Up Online Games Monetisation

Online gamers want a seamless buying experience in real-time without disrupting the flow of their gameplay.

BOLD.Pay enables online game companies to meet gamers’ needs instantly with a swift online payment inclusion within the game's titles and/or platforms.

The gamers can choose their preferred online payment channels like Credit Cards, Online Banking (FPX), E-Wallets and/or Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) when they make real-time online game/credit purchases.

The online game companies can then promote, up-sell and cross-sell online games seamlessly to improve revenue streams for the existing as well as new game titles while the gamers enjoy the overall experience.

To further level-up the experience, all transactions between the gamers and game companies are secured with authentication processes underlined by Second Factor Authentication (2FA) like One-Time Passcode (OTP) delivered via SMS, QR, App and/or Email.

This acts as a fraud prevention measure for both the gamer and the game company while taking their play to the next level.

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