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Digital Ticketing

bold stories

BOLD. solutions empower events to achieve a seamless experience, from registering to
check-ins and data gathering.

This includes online registration, generating unique digital QR codes as tickets for the participants, sending event reminders, matching the digital QR codes tickets at the event venue with registered database, and providing analytics such as real-time attendance rate.

The collected authorised data will then be managed and analysed for future relationship management executions.

Industries utilising sub

    • App Store Operators
    • Automotive
    • Aviation
    • Beauty & Spa
    • Broadcasting
    • Business Process Outsourcing
    • Device Manufacturing
    • E-commerce / M-commerce
    • Entertainment
    • Events
    • Financial Institutions
    • Food & Beverage
    • Healthcare
    • Hotels & Resorts
    • Marketing
    • Music
    • Organisations
    • OTT
    • Publishing
    • Public Services
    • Research
    • Retail
    • Technology

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