MACROKIOSK turns 20 in year 2020, a BOLD. start as we begin our next phase of strategies and execution to solidify what MACROKIOSK stands for.

20.2020 is all about being united in every aspect of our organisation namely Strategy, Solutions and Community under one theme named BOLD.Unite.

BOLD.Unite will be the guiding principle of how we will steer and lead the company in positioning MACROKIOSK as a leading digital technology company in Asia and beyond under these three pillars: MORE

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BOLD.Unite Strategy


MACROKIOSK is poised to become the digital technology gateway to Asia, creating a single marketplace with strong local presence across Asia and beyond, serving 3000 clienteles in 37 countries spanning 24 industries and millions of users worldwide. Leveraging MACROKIOSK’s network, solutions and reach, clients can seamlessly tap into the growing digital community in Asia and increase their market share in the region. MORE


Our BOLD. digital platforms as-a-service in the areas of Notification, Engagement and Payment empower digital users to embrace the digital economy. Each BOLD. digital solution is designed to function effectively as a standalone solution or seamlessly integrated to create value for businesses and provide convenience to the everyday lives of millions of digital users globally. MORE

BOLD.Unite Solutions


The MACROKIOSK team encompasses more than 250 strong and energetic individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures that speak over 20 languages and dialects across Asia and beyond who collectively form a unified global workforce to serve the local market in their respective countries. MORE

BOLD.Unite Community
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