MACROKIOSK Group supports the
Sustainable Development Goals

Our sustainable development goals are aligned with The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDG) actions that balance the needs of the present without compromising the ability of our future generations to meet their needs.

Our approach towards environmental, social and governance is a balance between environmental
well-being and its sustainability, focusing on employee's responsibility while instilling gender equality and incorporating a set of dynamic and good governance which is how we lead the business and in everything we do.

These goals and actions are further segmentised into the following areas:



Group-wide Reduce, Reuse and Recycle approach

We adopt a holistic approach of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle on all permissible materials.

  • Digitalisation of all our standard operating processes (SOPs) related engagements from printed copies to digital formats. This is successfully implemented through:

    Internal platforms:

    • HERO - For all Human Capital and Administration related matters, for example leave applications, training and development, claims, travel authorisation and more.
    • Checkpoint - For all Corporate Affairs related matters, for example Know-Your-Client (KYC) checks, legal and contractual correspondence and more.
    • STAR - For all Global Business, Customer Success, Growth Development and Finance related matters, for example customer onboarding process, customer success monitoring, customer change request, credit approvals and more.
    • Business Intelligent - Our centralised business data depository, analytics and reporting dashboard for all business units.

    External platforms:

    • Microsoft suites of applications, for example Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and more.
    • Digital signature.
    • Online banking transactions including payments, receivables and other banking related engagements.

  • Physical printouts are kept minimal where each employee is assigned with password for printout monitoring control.
  • Physical printouts that are not confidential will be Reused for other purposes, for example internal notepads, filing labels, filing dividers, packaging and more.
  • Corrugated boxes are to be Reused for storage, while packaging and access materials will be sent for Recycling.
  • Other materials such as bottles, cans, and plastics that exist within the group are to be Reused for specific purposes while the access will be sent for Recycling.
  • The group adopts a local purchase policy for produces, products and recyclable materials with the mission to reduce the impact of our activities towards the environment.
  • We adopt a stringent physical asset disposal process for all our hardware equipment through the appointment of a certified environmental asset disposal vendor in making sure it is properly decommissioned and recycled without causing any environmental impact.


We are committed to base our physical premises (offices and data centers) in buildings that comply to international green building standards.

  • 3 out of our 12 global offices are in green certified buildings, namely:
    • MACROKIOSK Malaysia Office.
    • MACROKIOSK Singapore Office.
    • MACROKIOSK Thailand Office.
  • The data center building that houses our servers is also certified with Environmental Management System (EMS) certifications.


Group-wide Respect, Support and Uphold approach

We adopt a holistic approach and are committed to fostering an inclusive surrounding where everyone Respects, Supports and Upholds integrity and diversity.

  • We continuously upskill and engage our people in training and workshop programmes to build the basis of knowledge, new ideas and capacity to their full potential.


    • SharePoint - Knowledge sharing platform of our solutions, developments and more.
    • MATTERS - Private social platform for our internal community across 18 nationalities from 12 countries to connect, communicate and get acquainted.
    • Rewards and Celebrations - We acknowledge the efforts, achievements and milestones of all our people with rewards while celebrating local festivities and international renowned celebrations, for example National Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, MACROKIOSK Day and more.


    • Online and Offline engagements - Knowledge-based training, integrity-based training, security-based training and more.

  • We are committed to fair and equal employment opportunities within the group. As we continue to expand internationally, we welcome both fresh graduates and experienced professionals and even interns to be part of the team for career‑boosting work with us.


Both the company and its founders actively advocate the ‘pay it forward’ mindset with mentorships, speakerships, internships, intreprenuership, matching grants for Small Medium Enterprise (SME) and more.

  • Endeavor Malaysia Mentorship.
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) Alumni.
  • Member of the Junior Achievement (JA) Malaysia Board of Trustee.
  • Corporate sponsor for Young Enterprise (YE) programme in Malaysia.


We are committed to gender equality and diversity with equal opportunity for development and advancement with zero tolerance towards any form of discrimination or harassment be it gender, race, disability, nationality, religion or age.

  • 38% of MACROKIOSK leadership team consists of females.
  • 22% of MACROKIOSK country managers consist of females.
  • 51% of MACROKIOSK group workforce consists of females.


Group-wide settings of a dynamic and good governance approach

We adopt a holistic approach on a dynamic and good governance which is how we lead the business and in everything we do.

  • Principles that we uphold
    • We are accredited and licensed internationally as follows:
      • ASP Messaging Class Licensed, MCMC, Malaysia.
      • Service Based Operator (SBO) Licensed, IMDA, Singapore.
      • Nationwide ICP Licensed, MIIT, China.
      • ISO27001 ISMS Certification, TUV Rheinland.
      • MSC Pioneer Status, MDEC, Malaysia.
      • RMIT Compliant, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), Malaysia.
      • PCI DSS Compliant.

    • We are committed to our policies and practises as follows:
      • Privacy Statement.
      • ISO27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS).
      • Corporate Integrity Pledge.
      • Anti-Bribery and Corruption.
      • Anti-Spam.
      • No Gift.
      • Malaysia Digital Climate Action Pledge (MDCAP).
      • Whistleblowing Code of Conduct.

  • Best practices
    • We consistently engage with our customers to assure our strict data privacy policies are intact and to gauge our performance in ensuring our quality of deliverables and customer relationship management are in good practice.

  • Legal and regulatory compliance standards
    • We regularly monitor and ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory standards across all our business jurisdictions, including and not limited to business licensing, labour law regulatory, environmental regulations, personal data protection acts and communication acts.

  • Advocating inclusiveness
    • We champion the spirit of Muhibbah (Muhibbah refers to extending a hand in one’s hour of need, promoting goodwill and friendship and having the heart to reach out to others irrespective of race, religion or nationality or showing great compassion for nature and animals) across the group and together with the National Press Club of Malaysia (NPC) launched the NPC-MACROKIOSK Muhibbah Awards to recognise an individual, company and/or organisation that best exemplifies the true spirit of Muhibbah in Malaysia. The monthly award recipient is selected by an independent rotating panel of judges which comprises media editors and senior journalists.

  • Active enterprise risk management
    • It has been our way of practice to mitigate risk internally and externally for the betterment of our companies as well as the well-being of our stakeholders, customers and partners.

  • STAYSAFE adherence
    • During the recent global COVID-19 pandemic headwinds, we kickstarted a STAYSAFE committee to assist both internal and external communities across all our business jurisdictions. Such assistance covers job security, well-being priorities, vaccines subsidies, weekly test kits, protection gear (face masks) and matching donations.

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