BOLD. is more than a solution. It is synonymous to a lifestyle, whereby its functionality empowers improvements in daily activities, from two-way communication to authentication and verification.

BOLD. takes businesses further with online payments, personalised customer relationship engagements and managed marketing implementations with supported data.

BOLD. is truly global and leads the mission to acquire, grow and retain customers for businesses in the evolving digital economy. It forms the framework for digital solution usages that are reliable, secure, scalable and highly adaptable with direct market reach.

BOLD. consistently evolves with new digital technologies, improvement in development architecture and incorporation of new design languages to provide immediate solutions that are relevant, intuitive and functional.

With businesses and communities adopting the new normal in embracing the digital economy and lifestyle, digital solutions empowered by BOLD. will provide a strong foundation to continuously grow a digitally sound community and economy.


Our proprietary Super Communication Platform
as-a-Service (Super-CPaaS) forms the core of all
our solution components BOLD. arrow